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Riley Green Gets Blasted On Twitter For “Translate This” Tweet About Super Bowl Halftime Show

Let me start by saying I thought the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Shakira and JLo was super badass and infinitely better than last year’s which gave us Adam Levine/Maroon 5. Also thought many of the commercials were great.

For the most part, people seemed to agree and loved the high-octane performances that were brought to the big stage in Miami.

Riley Green, however, is getting blasted on Twitter for his tweet about the performance.

“Great game… but can I get somebody to translate this Super Bowl halftime show so I know what they are singing about??”

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Country artist, Mickey Guyton, spoke out against the tweet, along with many others.

While there were those that did like Green’s tweet, many of Riley’s fans weren’t too thrilled with it.

Yikes Riley….. just yikes. It’s music. It transcends language as you should know and just as you like to show off your roots so do they. Tasteless tweet.@felixxfelices

“Damn Riley. I really love your music but it’s sad to see that you can’t respect people of different cultures. It’s music. Do you need to understand every word?? Are you that insecure?? They fucking crushed it. I’d like to see a man put on half the show they just did.”@thismomentxox

The tweet has about 1,000 retweets, 8,000 likes, and nearly 300 comments – many of which mirror the ones above. Of course, you have your expected Twitter fighting going on in the comment section as well between the two sides.

You might recall Riley came under fire recently over his Robert E. Lee lyric in “Bury Me In Dixie.”

So far, Riley hasn’t shared any follow-up to the controversial tweet. We’ll keep you updated if that happens.

Here’s the full halftime show, in case you missed it.

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