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Hardy Tells The Story Of How He Pierced Morgan Wallen’s Ear With A Guitar String & A Piece Of Fruit

If you’ve been wondering how Morgan Wallen got that George Michael cross earring he’s been rocking, Hardy can tell you… because he’s the guy that did it.

In a recent interview with NASH FM’s 93.1, Hardy explained exactly how Morgan Wallen got his ears pierced and no, he didn’t go to Claire’s. There was a much more “rednecker” approach.

“We were sitting on the bus, and we’re drunk, and he shows me this picture of a cross earring and he does this face… and that just means he’s up to something,” “I said, ‘Are you doing it?’ and he said, ‘Yeah.’ I was like, ‘I’ll pierce it for you.”

Gotta love a story that starts with “and we’re drunk.”

“I didn’t tell him but I ordered the earring on Amazon, so the next week, the first night of the tour, I walked on his bus and I threw the earring in the box or whatever and laughed. He’s like, ‘What’s this?’ He opened it and it’s the earring. So we were on his bus, and we were like, ‘Tonight’s the night.’ We didn’t have anything to pierce it, so I got a guitar string, and an apple or a lemon or something. I can’t remember. I held it on the back of his ear, and I freaking pierced it.”

A guitar string and an apple… what could go wrong?

“The thing was, the guitar string hole was too small, because it was the little hoop thing that you have to put in after that. It hurts me just thinking about it. It was too big, and so I got it like halfway in there, but it wouldn’t go all the way through. Morgan was like, ‘Just do it. Just shove it through.’ I shoved it through his ear. I think I crushed it. I think I did a great job.”


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