Panera Bread Fires Employee After She “Exposes” How They Make Mac & Cheese

A person holding a plastic bag

Let’s be honest.

Sometimes you just need to eat like a disgusting animal. I don’t care what it’s made of, how unhealthy it is, as long as it tastes good.

Case in point, those nice hungover Sundays spent in the fetal position watching football. You get a craving for mac and cheese, you order it from Panera Bread, and it just so happens it’s made in a frozen bag that’s dropped into water. I kind of don’t give a shit depending on my current mental state.

Monday-Thursday I eat like Christian Bale training for a Batman roll. Friday-Sunday I might eat like Christian Bale reverse-training for a gain-another-person-in-weight roll.

Panera Bread’s way of making mac and cheese is NOT THAT SURPRISING people. You’re not eating at a Michelin starred restaurant.

An employee named Bri Ramirez, posted the “making” of the dish on TikTok, it went viral, and drum roll…she got fired.

Here’s the video “making” it.

On to bigger and better things after that tweet.

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A beer bottle on a dock