Pennsylvania Homeowner Finds Naked Man Drinking Milk and Singing In His Kitchen

A man sitting on the floor

I’m pleasantly surprised this story didn’t come from the great state of Florida.

According to multiple news outlets, a Pennsylvania homeowner was sleeping at 3am when he heard someone singing in his kitchen.

He grabbed his pistol, walked to the kitchen, and found a naked man drinking milk while belting out some tunes – no word on what song he was covering or if it was any good.

Naked man was just sitting on the kitchen floor when the homeowner walked in on him. Police haven’t been able to determine how the naked man broke in. He was arrested, but no charges filed yet.

We’ve all been naked and drunk in our own kitchen singing 90’s country hits, but drinking milk? Oh and in the wrong house? Psh.

Assume this guy was blind drunk, maybe bath salts? I dunno.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock