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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey Is Perfect For The Fall

Football is back, the days are getting shorter, it’s starting to get a little colder outside, pumpkin spice shit is everywhere… it’s officially fall.

And thankfully, the good folks at Jack Daniel’s are welcoming the season with the launch of their brand new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey.

According to ForbesJack Daniel’s will be kicking off October with the nation-wide release of their new seasonal whiskey, a blend of Jack’s signature Tennessee Whiskey and a delicious, craft apple liqueur.

“We feel like it’s a good time now to offer Apple. Flavors have been driving a lot of interest in the whiskey category,” say Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. “It’s been a game changer for Jack Daniel’s, even a brand that’s been around as long as we have. We found that flavors tend to attract a different consumer and/or they fit into a different occasion. Maybe an after-dinner drink or something where our whiskey wouldn’t necessarily be poured.”

Pour a splash in your Hot Toddy, maybe mix with some warm (or cold) apple cider, whip up some Sunday morning “Fallmosas,” drink it straight, shoot it, add some ginger ale for a deliciously seasonal Jack & Ginger… the possibilities are nearly endless.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no bartender, but all of those sound pretty damn good to me.

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