Florida Man Arrested After Getting “Belligerently Drunk” And Giving His Girlfriend A “Wet Willy”

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St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office

I know, these “Florida Man” headlines write themselves at times.

The latest comes to us from St. Lucie County, FL where a 47-year-old man by the name of Joseph Sireci was arrested for battery after getting belligerently drunk and giving his girlfriend a “wet willy.”

Initially, the girlfriend came home to find Joseph passed out drunk on the living room floor. He then got a second wind apparently, and went with his gal and her daughter to a friend’s home where he turned it up, getting more drunk and more belligerent.

It was on the way home that he stuck his wet finger into his girlfriend’s ear, which eventually ended up with his arrest. Sireci told cops he wasn’t drunk.

If you look up “drunk Florida man arrested for giving girlfriend a ‘wet willy'” in the dictionary, I think you see this photo.

h/t Fox13

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