Zac Brown Reveals Tracklist For New Album & You’ll Never Guess Which Terrible Rap Song Is On It…

Zac Brown playing a guitar
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Our worst fears have finally been realized.

Zac Brown Band was serious about that God-awful rap song, ironically titled “God Given.” How serious? Well, it’s going to be on their upcoming album, The Owl.

When we first shared a live performance of “God Given” back in March, wondering what in the hell Zac Brown was doing, some loyal fans were quick to comment that the Zac Brown Band plays all kinds of songs for their live show, fun songs that will never make an album.

Ummm yeah, it’s definitely making the album. However, a quick glance through their Instagram comments and you’ll see that we’re not only ones upset with the new direction one of country music’s all-time great bands has taken.

“Love you guys. But this is garbage.”

“Gross, go back to your roots…”

“Terrible, sorry love the band. This album is awful.”

“If this was the first record they ever released, there’d be no Zamily as we know it. There’d no fan base, as we know. Time for a reality check.”

“I hope you guys find your way back someday. This isn’t it.”

However, I will say that I have extremely high hopes for the Brandi Carlile collaboration, and as bizarre as “Need This” is, I kind of like it… for some reason.

Anyways, here’s the full tracklist:

And, if you don’t remember “God Given,” listen at your own risk.

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