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Bubba Wallace Tattoos NASCAR Legend Richard Petty’s Signature Below His A** Cheek

The ultimate tip of the cap, or the ultimate sign of a crazed fan… either way, tattooing someone’s autograph on your body is pretty hardcore.

In the same way that George Strait is the King of Country Music, Richard Petty is the King for anybody living in the racing world. So when Richard Petty signed NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s forearm a few weeks back, Bubba issued a challenge to his Twitter followers.

“43000 RTs and I’ll get it tattooed.”

And, as a man of his word, Bubba did tattoo Richard Petty’s signature… just below his right ass cheek.

However, Bubba also turned the tattoo stunt into a benefit for Victory Junction, a charity founded by the Petty family that provides a free camp for children with serious medical conditions.

Wallace encouraged everyone that retweeted him, or just anyone in general, to make a donation.


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