Tyler Childers Does The Impossible, Releases Beautifully Lonesome Country Song About Jerking Off

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Leave it to a once in a generation writer like Tyler Childers to make something like this work.

Childers just released his new album, Country Squire, which we’ll be reviewing on the podcast soon. I’ll start by summarizing what we think – the album is fucking great. We’ll place some focus on various songs off the record, but I had to start with “Ever Lovin’ Hand.”

Tyler has been playing this song live for quite some time, often starting the song by telling the crowd, “This is about bein’ away from your loved one…on the road.” Sounds straightforward, until that first line is sung…

They got my favorite lotion here, something in a hotel I admire…”

Yup, it’s what you think, and yup, Childers takes this concept and delivers a beautifully lonesome country song about missing your loved one and you guessed it, jerking off. This isn’t the shock and awe type of song you would have heard from Wheeler Walker, Jr. back when he was making music, however.

There’s finesse here and a picture Tyler paints evoking a palpable feeling of missing your significant other. It just works. Listen for yourself.

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