Whoever Created Hidden Valley Ranch White Claw Should Be Locked Up

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Ok, this ranch dressing shit is getting a little out of control.

We’ve saw Hidden Valley Ranch Pop-Tarts make their disgusting debut on the internet, and Kraft is even actually trying to peddle Salad Frosting to get kids to eat more salads, but White Claw is absolutely where I have to draw the line.

White Claw, the popular alcoholic seltzer beverage, is pretty much taking over the entire world right now and outselling every craft beer on Planet Earth. The obsession has even found itself in a couple of Arizona bars, which are now featuring White Claw claw machines.

So naturally, somebody on the internet got busy with some Photoshop and birthed the hilarious, yet gag-worthy, combination of every basic white girl’s two favorite things: Hidden Valley Ranch White Claw.

And, what scares the shit out of me… I know there are some of you out there that love this idea and you 100% should be locked up for it.

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Yo @ericfuckingandre is this even legal???

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