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Wisconsin Couple’s Busch Light Wedding Is What Dreams Are Made Of

As someone who is smack dab in the middle of planning a wedding right now (February 2020), let me just say this…

If you find a woman that will let Busch Light throw you a wedding, you need to marry her. Stop reading this article, go get a ring, put it on her little finger, and ride off into the sunset as the world’s luckiest man because you found yourself a fucking unicorn. As much as the $25,000 check and the all-you-can-drink Busch Light might sway the opinion of a few women, most of them (mine included) are not letting anything stand in the way of their “I’ve dreamed about this my entire life,” picture perfect wedding day. One that doesn’t include Busch Guy.

Now that I’ve said my piece, let’s get on with this crazy love story.

As winners of Busch Light’s wedding contest, Andrew and Abbi got married in Janesville, Wisconsin, this past weekend with none other than Busch Guy as their wedding officiant. As an elementary school teacher and an electrical lineman who ensures that essential power runs throughout the city, the $25,000 helped supplement their 400-person wedding in a BIG way.

If there is a better way to get married, I haven’t seen it. I mean, look at these pics.

Megan O’Leary Photography
Megan O’Leary Photography
Megan O’Leary Photography
Megan O’Leary Photography

I’m not much of a betting man, but even if I was, I’ll bet you a case of Busch Light that these crazy kids go the distance.

Hey Busch, what do you say we do this whole thing again in February? Chicago in the wintertime can be quite a lovely place.

Lemme know…

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