Burger King Is Launching $1 Crispy Tacos Nationwide And They’ll Blow Your F***ing Mind

I know some of y’all are confused.

Let’s start here. Burger King has actually had these crispy tacos for a long time, but very few locations carried them. Most of the spots were on the west coast, but we had a BK here in Chicago serving them during our college days. They were almost a secret menu item. Every time I brought them up to people I knew, they had no clue what I was speaking of. When I would ask for them at another location, they stared at me like an alien.

Back then, they would just throw on a slice of Whopper cheese, some mystery ground meat, lettuce, taco sauce that’s holy, fry the thing and there you have it.

The years went on, and this glorious menu item remained difficult to find.

That all changes now. Burger King just announced they would be rolling these out nationwide. The best part? They only cost $1.

The crispy shell is filled with seasoned beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, and that holy taco sauce. I love Taco Bell, but let me tell you, these are better than the classic crispy taco from Taco Bell.

Available for a limited time, these are so good you actually want to have a hangover so you have an excuse to stuff your face with them.

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A beer bottle on a dock