Guy Named “Randie” Called 911 Because Bar Bans Him For Life

I get it brother, I get it.

Randie Banghart, 21, from Hackettstown, NJ was banned for life from Marley’s Gotham Grill in NJ for being too drunk all the time I assume. Randie wasn’t happy so Randie called 911 to complain. I like the thought process Randie.

By the way, is this the most “Randie” story of all time?

According to WRNJ, when officers arrived, the officers observed Randie outside of the business yelling and cursing at bar staff. The officers determined that Banghart was allegedly intoxicated.

LOL, “allegedly intoxicated.” Shit-canned.

“Banghart was charged that night with disorderly conduct and released pending a court appearance. The investigating officer reviewed the audio of the 911 call that Banghart placed on May 25 and it was determined that he dialed 911 because he was kicked out and banned for life from the bar, police said.”

I mean, it’s a Hail Mary. He was thinking on his feet. Just fell a bit short. Find a new bar, Randie. There’s plenty.

* the name Randie SCREAMS 68-year-old townie drowning his sorrows, not a 21-year-old. Randie is an all-time old man name.

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