Riley Green Releases Music Video For The Deeply Personal, “Numbers On The Cars”

“‘Numbers On The Cars’ is a song about Alzheimer’s inspired by my Grandaddy’s love for NASCAR…he knew every drivers name number and sponsor. So as racing season is kicking into full gear, this seemed like the perfect time to release it.”

Riley Green just released the music video for the deeply personal “Numbers On The Cars” – the song has been a fan-favorite for some time, and Riley just recently re-released a remastered studio version.

People hearing this song for the first time are immediately impacted, and folks that have been listening continue to share stories on social media about its impact. Songs like this make Riley standout in an over-saturated group of young artists labels push at you that quite frankly can all sound the same at times.

Make no mistake about it, Green is a star in the making.

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A beer bottle on a dock