Carrie Underwood Shares Margarita Photo On Cinco De Mayo & The Trolls Came Out In Droves

Carrie Underwood eating a watermelon

Good Lord…

It wouldn’t be 2019 without everybody and their mother getting pissed off about every little thing a celebrity does. Over the weekend, Carrie Underwood shared a photo of what appeared to be a margarita, along with the caption “Happy Cinco de Mayo,” so naturally a gaggle of keyboard warriors went rushing to their phones in hurry to blast off some unnecessary criticism.

While many of the comments were pleasant, there was quite a few that went a little something like this:

“You’re drinking and breastfeeding!”


“Sad to see this cultural appropriation.”

“Cinco de mayo is for Mexico….NOT us Americans! Stop celebrating it.”

“You should not be drinking being pregnant.”

“Well, she must not still be nursing Jacob if she’s drinking alcohol again.”

“Really?! Sad”

For fuck’s sake people, get a hobby.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

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