Muscadine Bloodline Detail The Hardest Part About The Road In New “Girl From Mississippi” Video

If you’re not listening to country duo Muscadine Bloodline, you’re seriously doing it wrong.

The rising stars give you an authentic and completely unique brand of country, doing it with an unapologetic, no-bullshit approach. Their music is real, and their rapidly growing grassroots fan base proves that.

We’re excited to premiere their new music video for “Girl From Mississippi,” which paints a picture of everything that you give up when you pursue a life in the music business.

If you missed them on the podcast, listen here.

They guys said, “There are some songs that come from a place of feeling and almost write themselves. When we went into the studio, we wanted to produce ‘Girl From Mississippi’ in a way that conveyed the hardest thing about the road… missing what you love the most.”

They definitely did that.

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A beer bottle on a dock