Dumped Texas College Guy Gets Gets Wasted On Flight Home, Gets Violent, Gets 6 Months In Jail… In England

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What a headline, I know.

A shit ton going on in this story, but here we go.

A college student out of Texas (TCU), Jeffrey Tanner Libby was traveling from London’s Heathrow airport to Dallas. Just prior, he was dumped by his girlfriend via text. OUCH. The text breakup. Must not have been that serious?

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According to PEOPLE, an hour into the flight, Libby “became highly intoxicated from drinking Bacardi rum, which he had brought on to the plane himself, and was then aggressive and abusive towards members of the cabin crew and other passengers on board,” Metropolitan Police said.

Bacardi? You get dumped and you drink Bacardi? That’s a time for whiskey.

Police elaborate:

“As they tried to calm Libby down, he then proceeded to assault two of the passengers and one member of the cabin crew, scratching and striking them and even biting one of the passenger’s fingers.”

A 21-year-old dummy, drunk on Bacardi, who just got dumped via text is what you call a shit shake. Those poor souls sitting next to him…

The pilot then decided to turn the plan around, back to London. However, for a safe landing, the pilot had to dump 20 tons of fuel – that’s a lot of money. Libby was met at the airport, and arrested.

“Whether you were drunk when you boarded the plane or you became drunk doesn’t matter,” the judge said. “You assaulted a woman for no reason at all.”

He was given 6 months in jail…in the UK.

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