Bud Light’s Massive New Nutrition Label Makes We Want To Drink An Extra 12

A blue box with a label

In case you missed the news, Bud Light is debuting their massive, new, nutrition and ingredient label in February.

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Big and bold.

The ingredients are water, barley, rice, hops.

The nutrition is non-existent. 

But look closer. There are only 6.6 carbs per beer. AND you get just under 1 gram of protein per beer! So if you drink 20 after a workout it’s a nice 18 grams of protein for recovery. Right? Eh, fuck it. Who am I kidding.

I have to admit, the label is weird. I’m not used to it. But the fact it’s essentially blank makes want want to drink an extra dozen.


A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock