Moron Jumps From 11th Floor Of Royal Caribbean Cruise, Gets Banned For Life, Isn’t Dead Somehow

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This dumb fuck is lucky to be alive.

Nick Naydev, 27, from Washington state posted an Instagram video aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise where he jumps from the 11th floor. 11.

I jumped off a rock cliff in Croatia that was about 15-20 feet high, and almost pooped myself. According to BroBible, Nick said he was “still drunk from the previous night” and “when I woke up, I just decided to jump.” He was able to swim to a dock from the jump.

“My feet were actually fine. It was my neck and tailbone that hurt,” he wrote. “Could barely walk for 3 days and could barely sleep from the pain. I’m good now.”

Not all is well for these fools. The jumper, and all his bros, have been banned for life from Royal Caribbean Cruise and had to leave the ship immediately.

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