“All The Funerals I Went To Kind Of Opened My Eyes” – Wyatt Flores On Inspiration Behind New EP ‘Half Life’

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Wyatt Flores

The next chapter.

Wyatt Flores has had a stellar response to his most recent release, Half Life. The eight-track EP highlights the mixed emotions of love, loss, death, and the overall feeling of wanting a simple, fulfilled life but also wanting to chase your dreams and live to the fullest. The songwriting that Flores lays down in this EP is some of his strongest, and listeners agree.

In lieu of the EP coming out of the gate with such a positive response, Flores is opening up about what inspired the EP. Back in October, Flores told Whiskey Riff that he was working on a multi-part project, and Half Life is the second chapter of this.

“I kind of started writing these songs before I got ‘Life Lessons‘ finished. ‘Life Lessons’ came out first, but it’s kind of like the part two to ‘Life Lessons.’ 

I think it’s because of all the funerals that I went to, it kind of opened up my eyes. And it made me want to live as much as I possibly could. I guess a little bit of it was fear that I was going to die at a young age, so I was like, I’m going to go take every chance I possibly can and live a wild life. But then at some point, there is something to be said about living a simple life. You know, having a dog.”

You can really feel the internal struggle of wanting to live a large life but also maybe spending time on a farm sitting on a porch with a cup of coffee in the title track “Half Life.” Listeners also feel that struggle of living a crazy life but how it also can lead to a lonely life on  “Wish I Could Stay.”

“I think that has been the most eye-opening thing. Because I have lived a wild life, thanks to y’all. Also, doing my best to be present for the little things, and I really think that is what makes this world keep spinning around.”

Flores is very open with his fans about the demons he faces in his mind, and this EP is a reflection of those raw thoughts. Growing up is a scary thing, and seeing the struggles of those you admire is a lot to bear. Flores lays it all on the line in this project, leading to a collection of songs that resonates with every listener.

Half Life is a top project of this year, hands down.

“Half Life”

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