“This Is So Wholesome” – Security Guard Can’t Stop Grinning During Megan Moroney’s Two Step Inn Set

Meg Moroney

I strive to be as happy as this man.

Being a festival security guard isn’t always the easiest of jobs. Sure, it’s great that you get to see all of these incredible musicians, but the reality is that you might not even like the music, and even if you do, you are often facing away from the stage and will more than likely have to deal with a crazed fan or two. Especially when you have a crowd full of Megan Moroney fans, which aren’t too dissimilar from Taylor Swift fans in some regards.

The Georgia native belts out songs about her exes, drawing a very similar parallel to Swift’s early career, and the fans show UP.

At Two Step Inn last weekend in Georgetown, Texas, Moroney’s fans were there to belt out every word of her set. The singer posing in a “World Best Ex-Girlfriend” shirt was the show’s star, but one of the festival security guards comes in a close second.

Whether this man was smiling this big because of her incredible live performance of “I’m Not Pretty” or because he was getting a kick out of seeing a handful of twenty-something-year-olds passionately sing along, he gets the Security Guard of the Festival award. His pearly white smile is so contagious you can’t help but grin watching this video as he bobs his head to the music. Dude is just vibin’.

The video even caught the attention of Moroney as she commented on the post:

“Omg, this is so wholesome.”

Wholesome it is. We need more vibes like this during the festival season. Who knows, maybe this man is an emo cowgirl himself, embodying the motto of sad country songs that make us so incredibly happy.

@a_lifeofglitter This security guard was full of good vibes! Shoutout to @Two Step Inn for hiring such happy staff! @Megan Moroney put on one hell of a show! 🩷 #emocowgirl #meganmoroney #twostepinn #twostepinnfestival #georgetowntx #couuntrymusic #securityguard #fyp #megmoroney ♬ original sound – Jay.

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