Nashville Area Man Arrested Trying To Get Eric Church’s Autograph Outside Of His Nashville Bar

Eric Church
Robby Klein

Maybe just sign up for a meet and greet next time.

A Nashville area man has been arrested at Eric Church‘s new downtown bar, Chief’s, after allegedly posting up outside the alleyway door in hopes of getting an autograph from the singer as he left the bar.

According to Scoop Nashville, 21-year old Brody Goins was waiting by the side exit door on April 18 after Church wrapped up the third night of his To Beat The Devil residency. Goins was reportedly hoping to snag Chief’s autograph on his way out, but according to the police report, security at the bar flagged down officers and explained to them that Church was trying to leave quickly and wouldn’t be signing any autographs.

Police then reportedly asked Goins to move, explaining that he was blocking Church’s vehicle from getting into the alleyway so he could leave. But officers say Goins refused, saying that he was only there for an autograph, some pictures and a video.

Officers say that Goins was deemed a “medium-level threat,” and became argumentative while being asked to leave. The man then asked to speak with a supervisor, but when a Sergeant arrived on scene, Goins was arrested for obstructing a passageway.

His bond was set at $1,000, and Goins was granted pre-trial release from the Metro Nashville jail.

Obviously this isn’t the best way to get an autograph. With all of the stories we hear about stalkers and crazy fans these days, it’s no wonder that artists are taking security more seriously and being more careful who they interact with.

And yet, it’s still not the stupidest arrest at the bar since it opened just two weeks ago…

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