Driver Tries To Run Off A Pair Of Wolves Who Are In Hot Pursuit Of A Cyclist

Driver scares wolf off cyclist

That was a close one. Too close for comfort even, just thinking about having a predator like a wolf chasing you… hard pass on that. But you always have to expect the unexpected when it comes to wildlife, you just never know what might happen.

Wolves are typically very weary of humans and stay far clear in most situations. They will get close to protect food or territory if they feel threatened, but are usually not a threat themselves. At the same time, they are predator that can reach 175 pounds, and have the tools to kill a moose if they need too. Wolves are one of the smartest animals out there, known to live and hunt in packs, utilizing strength in numbers to survive.

Naturally, this isn’t an animal you want hot on your tail, especially more than one as they work together.

That is the wild situation this cyclist found himself in when out for a bike ride in Romania. Two wolves are seen chasing after a biker on a road, a car pulled up and realized the situation and got straight to work.

The car begins honking its horn and staying close to the wolves attempting to scare them off. It seems like they eventually took off, back into the forest, but that’ll get the heart pumping a little bit more than you’re average bike ride, eh?

Head on a swivel in wolf country, people.

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