Shane Smith Shares His Tried & True Hangover Cure

Shane Smith and The Saints country music
David Wells

After a few “Road Margs,” this hangover cure sounds pretty great.

Frontman for Shane Smith & the Saints, is letting us in on all of his secrets. Right before the Texas group took the historic Grand Ole Opry stage for their debut (which was not only well deserved but a long time coming), Whiskey Riff had the chance to shoot some s*** with the lead singer.

Right after Shane Smith disclosed his go-to drink order of a poor man’s margarita, he then informed us about what makes those hangovers after a few too many tequila cocktails fade away. As someone who is often looking for a new hangover cure to make the scaries seem a little less scary, I was all ears.

“Hangover cure, I’d say, is like fried pickles at a restaurant…” 

Okay, Shane, I am all in with this portion of the answer. To accompany his salty snack, he washes it down using a method that is tried and true for curing a hangover…drinking the same liquor you were the night before. Talk about a play right out of John Daly’s book.

“With a spicy bloody Maria, with tequila instead of vodka.”

I can also support a bloody Maria/Mary of sorts. Not only are you getting some nutrients from the tomato juice, but you also get a plethora of snacks accompanied with the drink—that is, if you are at a place that does a bloody right.

It sounds like Shane Smith has cracked the code for curing those pounding headaches and nauseous stomachs after a night out. Maybe I’ll have to swap out my Taco Bell or McDonald’s order with this next weekend and see if it really is a cure.

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A beer bottle on a dock