Crocodile Grabs On To Elephant’s Trunk, Tries To Death Roll In Wild Footage

Gator snatches elephant trunk
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This crocodile fights dirty.

Then again, there aren’t any rules or guidelines when it comes to fighting out in the wild. Though the tactic the croc employed was brutal, it was just doing what came to it naturally. And let me be the first to tell you that it certainly didn’t look natural when the reptile tried to death roll an elephant while holding its trunk.

Tourists visiting Liwonde National Park in Malawi, Africa were stunned when they witnessed this terrifying animal encounter back in 2017. A herd of elephants were relaxing in some shallow water when a crocodile burst out of the water and launched a surprise attack.

The elephants started trumpeting to the heavens and retreating away from the vicious splashing of the crocodile, which had managed to clamp down on one of the younger elephant’s trunks. There wasn’t much the elephant could do with the sizable croc hanging onto its extended nose.

And to be honest, it didn’t look as though the crocodile knew what to do either. It tried to go into a death roll, but struggled to do so since the elephant (though it was young) outweighed it by a mile. However, the flailing reptile was still doing some damage as its teeth were sunk into the trunk of the large land animal.

Luckily for the inexperienced elephant, some other herd mates came in to back it up and save the day. One adult elephant in particular went into full-on attack mode, stomping at the crocodile until it finally let go of the smaller elephant.

It was a scary day for that younger elephant, and one that it likely won’t ever forget (elephants have excellent memory, in case you didn’t know). That herd was certainly more careful wading into water from there on out, and the one elephant in particular likely had a scarred trunk that proved it survived a gnarly battle with one of the world’s oldest, fiercest apex predators.

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