Chris Stapleton Sings Hilarious Ode To ‘Full House’ Star John Stamos On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Stapleton… BIG Full House guy.

Chris Stapleton‘s most recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live might lead to his next number-one hit. Rescuing the late-night talk show from the depths of irrelevance, Stapleton participated in a game called “Wing It & Sing It,” where he sings a song that he is seeing for the first time. Kimmel has cue cards with lyrics that his team wrote, and the artists behind the microphone have to do their best to come up with a melody and flow for the words.

Stapleton’s lyrics were inspired by the Full House actor John Stamos, leading to a song that will leave you with a side stitch.

“I was very tickled to learn that you are a fan of the show ‘Full House.’ Or you were when you were a kid. That is the theme of our song tonight.” 

Stapleton nodded in agreeance before revealing the first line of lyrics for the ditty. Stapleton starts strumming his guitar, thinking about how he wants to tackle the melody so it matches the lyrics, and then begins to sing. The first few lines of the song honestly sound like Stapleton might have written. It details that he often is inspired by those around him, like his band, friends, and wife…but then the song takes a full U-turn to Full House mode.

“But the one human being whom I love the most
Is an American treasure, named John…
John Stamos (spoken)

He’s the reason I’m singing this ballad
He’s the feta cheese in my Greek salad
When the kids are all gone
And so is my spouse, 
I crack a hard seltzer and I watch ‘Full House'”

The lyrics then detail Stamos’s physique, and Stapleton begins to crack up as he reads the words he is about to sing. I’m not going to lie—Jimmy Kimmel’s team did a knock-out job with this. It’s hilarious.

“Th0se shoulders, those thighs
An incredible bod
On my Greek golden God
I’d give my left nut to be
a part of his squad…”

The song then has a repeated second where Stapleton says his name in hopes he appears, and sure enough, John Stamos walks in from the side stage. The song ends with Stapleton noting his “dream” has come true, and a hilarious graphic of Stamos and Stapleton appears in the background with a ‘BFF’ heart around them.

Stapleton might have been winging this but he was still singing the hell out of the lyrics. Even singing a dumb little ditty about John Stamos is something I’d listen to this man sing on repeat.

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