Alabama Babies Named “Johnny Cash” & “June Carter” Were Born On Same Day… In The SAME Hospital

Johnny Cash and June Carter Babies
Nicole Davis

There’s just nothing like welcoming that little bundle of joy into the world.

As a father myself, who just welcomed #2 into the family a few months back, there’s so much that goes into planning for the day that your precious little baby is born. If it’s your first, you’re probably pretty excited to decorate the room, pick out some clothes and toys, and blow money on countless other items they make you feel like you need to be a good parent (you don’t need ’em, trust me).

And of course, picking out the name is a huge decision you have to make before the due date, or you know, wait until it is born and decide. But either way, you’re definitely thinking about it on your way into the hospital. It can be a family name, or maybe one that pays homage to your roots or ancestors, or maybe it’s just a name you like that has no real connection to anything. Or maybe… you want to pay tribute to your music hero… the Man In Black… Johnny Cash.

That’s exactly what one Huntsville, Alabama, couple did last week, naming their son “Johnny Cash.” Mama Nicole Davis says they plan to call him “Cash” and the name came to them after some trial and error:

“I don’t know who couldn’t be a Johnny Cash fan, especially if you love country music at all. But dad’s name is Johnny Lee Davis Jr. and we tried on Johnny Lee Davis III and we just could never get comfortable with it…. so we had to go back to the drawing board. We thought about Johnny Nashville or Johnny Nash but that’s close to Johnny Knoxville, so we said that won’t work. 

So we said Johnny Cash would be perfect and we’ll call him Cash, so we just kinda fell into it.”

But the kicker is that just a few hours earlier, a little girl named “June Carter” was born… in the SAME hospital. If it sounds like a completely pre-planned stunt designed to go viral on the internet, it wasn’t. The families do not know each other at all and actually met in the elevator.

June Carter’s mama, Sophie Clark, explains how they met:

“His uncle came to visit us and ran into Johnny Cash’s dad in the elevator, and he had on a shirt that said ‘Johnny Cash.’ And he was like ‘that’s weird that you’re wearing that, my niece just had a baby named June Carter,’ so he called and said ‘you gotta hear this.’

I said ‘we gotta go find this baby,’ and we saw the sign on the door that said Johnny Cash and I said ‘can we please go in there and talk to them.'”

The two families met and took pictures, and Davis says that they hope the two kids keep in touch because they’ll always have this fun coincidence to look back on.

I mean, you can’t make this up…

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