“What Is A Woman?” – Twitter Sounds Off After Joe Biden Calls For Women In Sports To Be Paid “What They Deserve”

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There’s been a lot of talk about WNBA salaries lately.

Of course it’s not exactly a new discussion, as there are many who have regularly called for female athletes to be paid the same as their male counterparts.

But the issue was brought to the forefront this week when superstar basketball player Caitlin Clark was the #1 pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft on Monday – and people realized just how little she’s going to be making in salary.

Clark’s four-year rookie contract with the Indiana Fever is worth a total of $338,056 – or an average of around $85,000 per year.

Breaking it down, that means that Clark will be making:

  • $76,535 in year one
  • $78,066 in year two
  • $85,873 in year three
  • $97,582 in year four (assuming the team decides to pick up her option, which will be in 2027)

So, she won’t even break six figures during her first four years in the league.

Now, everybody knows that WNBA players don’t make nearly what NBA players do. And whether that’s fair or not has long been the subject of a debate, although it stands to reason that their salaries would be lower since the WNBA draws a fraction of the viewers that the NBA does, and in fact the WNBA is bankrolled by the NBA because they lose money every year.

The NBA brought in over 10 BILLION last year, while the WNBA racked up 200 million in revenue. Profits? According to NBA commissioner Adam Silver in 2018, the WNBA loses about about 10 million each year, which is absorbed by the NBA. In 2022, when asked if they were still losing money each year, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said:

“Despite the challenges of the past two years, we have made terrific progress in growing the business of the league. We feel very good about where we are today and interest in the WNBA is at an all-time high, which is why we are capitalizing on this moment for the W.”

Sounds like it’s still a net loss…

But President Joe Biden recently weighed in on the debate (well, his Twitter account did, because I have a feeling Joe isn’t exactly over there cranking out his own tweets like his predecessor was…) and called for female athletes to be paid “their fair share.”

And Twitter had plenty to say, pointing out to the president that the WNBA doesn’t bring in nearly as much money as the NBA:

And many also brought up Biden’s position surrounding the ongoing debate on transgender athletes being allowed to compete in women’s sports:

And still others simply accused Biden of pandering during an election year:

While the president’s tweet isn’t likely to make much difference, Caitlin Clark may be the catalyst to improve WNBA pay. She’s proven to be a ratings powerhouse, with Iowa’s final three games of the women’s NCAA tournament drawing higher ratings and more viewers than the men’s tournament, and the championship game featuring Clark and the Hawkeyes taking on the defending national champion South Carolina Gamecocks becoming one of the most watched basketball games in history – men’s or women’s.

If viewership for the WNBA increases thanks to Clark and the attention she’s brought to women’s basketball, naturally revenue for the league will increase – and so will salaries.

But for now, I guess we just have to settle for Biden getting dunked on over on Twitter for not understanding economics.

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