Evan Honer Tips His Hat To Shenandoah With “Two Dozen Roses” Cover

Evan Honer country music
Country Night

An all-time classic.

Is it just me, or do you love seeing younger artists cover classic country music tracks? Evan Honer is a name you need to know, who is rapidly growing his fanbase. While he might be considered a new kid on the block, he knows the roots of his genre and is tipping his hat to Shenandoah by covering “Two Dozen Roses.”

Honer, accompanied by a guitar and a fiddle player, sat down to deliver a stellar acoustic version of the hit song from 1989. If you like Honer’s cover of “Jersey Giant,” you’ll love this cover as well.

Something about the way Honer delivers his vocals is comforting and makes you feel as though you are listening to a close friend sing. His fiddle player breaks down the bridge of the song flawlessly, capturing that ’90s flair that makes the song such a classic.

Evan Honer knocked this one out of the park. Hopefully, it will become a staple in his setlists… talk about a way to get the crowd singing along with you.

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