“What Is Troyal?” – Jay Leno Pokes Fun At Garth Brooks Over His Real Name In 1998 Interview

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Garth Brooks’ name isn’t actually Garth?

There are plenty of country stars that don’t go by their actual names, but the idea of a stage name is to make a person sound cooler, and have more “star appeal.” You’re telling me that the country legend himself had all the choices in the world if he was not going to use his real name, and he went with Garth?

It’s not like the “Friends in Low Places” singer pulled that name out of nowhere. Garth is actually his middle name, and he just paired it with his last name Brooks. Obviously it sounds normal to say now, but I think Brooks would even admit that Garth is a unique name.

Not as unique as his legal first name though. There aren’t many people that know Garth’s actual first name, but one person that somehow figured it out way back in 1998 was Jay Leno. The country star frequented The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in the day, and the two got comfortable enough to where they weren’t afraid to jab at one another.

There was honestly a lot that happened in this interview below, with the biggest item probably being Garth’s actual name being revealed. Before that, it was a pretty jam-packed sequence of events (that screamed the 90s), which featured:

-Garth Brooks showing his politeness by not sitting down until the other show guest, Fran Drescher, sat down first

-Leno making fun of Garth Brooks’ baseball career, and even pulling up a couple of funny clips of a recent stint with the Padres

-Garth telling the story of how an attempt to crowd surf didn’t go as planned, since he was a little heavier than some other artists

-A really strange photo is shown that is hopefully photoshopped, and I can’t emphasize hopefully enough

-Leno rearing up to make fun of Garth’s actual name, only for Brooks to put his foot down on the matter

It was funny how fast Garth flipped a switch to let the Tonight Show host know not to joke about the name that was “his father’s and grandpa’s.” Every other thing that Jay jabbed at Garth Brooks on during the interview seemed a lot worse, but Garth drew the line at making fun of his actual name.

Which is Troyal, by the way.

Leno pointed out that he had heard of “royal,” and he had heard of “Troy.” He was trying to figure out where “Troyal” came from, though even Garth didn’t know for sure, or at least didn’t want to talk any more about it on the show.

“James, and they call me Jay for short. You’re Troyal and they call you Garth, I don’t get it.”

You can check out Troyal Garth Brooks’ interview in the clip below:

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