Koe Wetzel’s Favorite Song To Jam On The Bus Right Now Is “Murder On The Dance Floor”

Koe Wetzel country music

Calling all Salt Burn fans.

I respect the f*** out of this answer. If you were ever wondering what Koe Wetzel and his crew are rockin’ out to on the bus…now you know.

During Country Thunder this past weekend in Arizona, Koe stood in for a few interviews talking about his upcoming Damn Near Normal Tour and new music. But we know as well as these interviewers that the best questions come from good, old-fashioned rapid-fire questions.

This rapid-fire question led to an incredible impromptu performance from the East Texas native. While interviewing with KMLE Country Radio, Koe was asked what song he has on repeat. He noted that on the bus, they cannot stop playing “Murder On The Dance Floor.” The song, released in 2017, is having a significant moment after it was used to close out the cultural phenomenon of a film, Salt Burn. 

After giving this answer, Koe immediately bursts into song, giving us a little taste of his rendition.

“It’s murder on the dancefloor
But you better not kill the groove
DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down…”

Honestly, he sounds great pulling out his best British pop impression, and I am fully on board for a cover of this track now.

“Oh it’s a good one, yeah it’s a vibe song.”

Koe’s got taste; this song is a groove.

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