Idiot Dad Dangerously (& Illegally) Pushes Boulders Down Lake Mead Rock Structure While Daughter Yells At Him Not To Fall

Lake Mead tourists

How stupid can people be?

Listen, I know humans have an innate instinct to want to pick up rocks and throw them. I’ve been by a creek or body of water dozens of times and opted to, without any thought at all, bend over and pick up a rock to send it splashing into the water in front of me.

But there’s a huge difference between picking up a small rock to throw it into a lake and doing what these idiots did, which was vandalizing a rock formation at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, Nevada. It was made even dumber by the fact that one of the grown men endangered himself and his daughter in the process.

The viral video shows two men and a small girl on the side of one of Lake Mead’s beautiful red stone formations. No one is really sure how they climbed up, or the better question, why they climbed up, though it appears they went up the rocks to push over a boulder that was teetering over the edge.

They successfully managed to push multiple boulders off the cliff as the little girl yelled at her dad to “not fall.” The two boneheads sent a number of heavy rocks tumbling down into the lower parts of the formation, and it was anticlimactic in a way.

What do I mean by that? Well for committing a crime that could land them both a six month prison sentence (and a $5,000 fine), you would have thought the two gentlemen would have at least shown some enthusiasm afterwards to make breaking the law “worth it.” They didn’t really seem all that excited after the fact.

Someone that was nearby the “idiot men at work” while they vandalized the rock formation captured this video, and it was eventually posted on social media for all to see with this caption:

“Two idiots destroying what nature created over thousands of years in front of screaming girl. The video was sent to NPS. Not everyone feels comfortable confronting someone. Do what is best in the situation. Sometimes taking a video and sending it in to the authorities is all you can do.”

As the caption alluded to, the federal authorities, along with the National Park Service, are officially investigating the incident.

They put out this statement asking the public for more information:

“Information from visitors is often very helpful to investigators. If you were on the Redstone Dunes Trail on the evening of Sunday, April 7, 2024, or if you have information that could help identify the suspects, please submit a tip. You don’t have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know.”

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