“I Love You & I’m Coming Home” – Scotty Scheffler’s Message To His Pregnant Wife After Securing His Second Masters Win

Scottie Scheffler

Scotty Scheffler took home his second green jacket yesterday after a stellar championship round at The Masters.

While Scheffler looked like he was calm, cool, and collected during the tournament, he was internally worried that his wife might go into labor at any moment. Leading up to his tee time, he told reporters that if he got a call that his wife went into labor with their first child, he would step away from the tournament to be with her.

Leading The Masters, and he was ready to drop his clubs the second he got the call:

Thankfully for Scheffler, he was able to make it through the whole 18 without a call from his wife, Meredith, that she was going into labor. Although she still has some time before her set due date, Scheffler was taking the precautionary road, knowing that sometimes stresses can send a woman into labor (and I’d say the amount of cash that is on the line for winning The Masters is a good enough reason to stress).

“As far as her going into labor, I wouldn’t say I’m very concerned. We haven’t seen any of the early signs, but pregnancy is weird, and it can happen at any time. But, yeah, open lines of communication, and she can get ahold of me if she needs to.”

He said before his round. After he sunk the ball on the eighteenth hole, Scheffler delivered a message from Bunker Cabin to his wife to note that he would be making a speedy trip from Augusta back to Texas.

“I’ll be home as quick as I can. I love you, and I’m coming home.”

In this post-tournament interview, he noted again that he was looking forward to spending the evening with his wife and celebrating with her. Scheffler also told USA Today that his priorities will shift once their baby makes its debut in the world.

“I will go home, soak in this victory tonight. I will definitely enjoy the birth of my first child. But with that being said, I still love competing.

My priorities will change here very soon. My son or daughter will now be the main priority, along with my wife, so golf will now be probably fourth in line. But I still love competing. I don’t plan on taking my eye off the ball anytime soon, that’s for sure.”

I know that kiddo will make an adorable addition to the Par3 Tournament during The Masters week in years to come.

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