Eric Church Almost Recorded Luke Combs’ Latest #1 Single “Where The Wild Things Are” But Decided To Pass On The Song

Luke Combs
Luke Combs

Maybe they could do a duet of this one?

Luke Combs recently scored his 18th straight #1 song at country radio with his latest single, “Where The Wild Things Are.” The nostalgic hit, written by Randy Montana and Dave Turnbull, was featured on Luke’s most recent album, Gettin’ Old, and quickly became a fan-favorite.

But apparently the song had been floating around Nashville for a while, waiting on somebody to pick it up, before Luke eventually decided to record it.

During an interview with Country Now, some of Luke’s frequent collaborators discussed the song’s history, and revealed that it had even been pitched to Eric Church, who was going to record it but ultimately decided to pass:

“He almost cut it…I couldn’t believe that song couldn’t land somewhere.”

And Luke thought the story in the song would have made it a good fit for Church – but that it also may have been the reason it took so long for it to get picked up:

“At the time, nobody was cutting story songs at all, really. I mean, outside of Eric Church, probably.”

You’ve likely heard the song by now (especially if you’re on TikTok, where it’s gone insanely viral), but it tells the story of a free-spirited brother who takes off for the west coast on his Indian Scout motorcycle, before he ultimately passes away due to that same wild spirit:

“Oh, it’s hearts on fire and crazy dreams
Oh, where the nights ignite like gasoline
And oh, them Indian Scouts, man, they’re built for speed
And oh, they said he hit that guardrail at half past three
Lit up those streets that never sleep when the sky goes dark
We buried him out in the wind ‘neath the West Coast stars
Out where the wild things are”

Not only is the song insanely catchy, but there’s just something that’s captivating about the story mixed with the whole free-spirit sound of such a tragic ending.

It’s no wonder that it’s been a big hit for Luke – although it was almost a hit for Eric Church instead.

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