Max Homa Is Confident For Masters Sunday Simply Because He Knows He Has That DAWG In Him

Max Homa

If you aren’t cheering for Max Homa on Masters Sunday, perhaps you’re moved by Scottie Scheffler’s greatness and the fact that he will flee Augusta National without a second thought if his wife goes into labor. Or maybe you’re into really weird stuff and love you some Bryson DeChambeau. Or you appreciate what he does online.

Whatever the case may be, I’m firmly stanning Homa down the stretch this afternoon. He had to persevere after some early career struggles. Even after he ascended to be among golf’s elite players, his game didn’t translate to the major stage for quite a while. Last year’s Open Championship that Brian Harman ran away with by six strokes was the first time Homa placed in the top 10 at a major, or even sniffed such status.

Suddenly, Homa finds himself squarely in the mix for a green jacket. And I say “suddenly” not to imply that a switch flipped overnight. In a sort of microcosm of the grander journey he’s taken since joining the PGA Tour, Homa keeps plugging away, grinding, and his unwavering self belief and determination is what gets him through to the other side. Just listen to his guy’s mentality as 18 holes and a couple measly strokes from the lead stand between him and golf immortality.

Dog/dawg in him status: confirmed.

Homa winning a major would be great for the bigger picture of golf. As the PGA Tour and LIV continue to be at odds — with many of the most magnetic stars taking the bag to join the latter, low-stakes circuit — the former needs exciting dudes like Homa to get the job done when it matters most. Not to take anything away from Scheffler, but he’s not exactly the most engaging bloke.

For those who want to see Homa emerge victorious, there are some extremely encouraging numbers to bear in mind ahead of the final groups teeing off on Masters Sunday. Among the pro-Homa trends are his excellent putting on Augusta’s contoured greens, and his track record of closing the deal when he’s in or around the lead through three rounds.

Justin Ray once again proving he’s a human-AI hybrid when it comes to golf statistics. Still have no idea how he does it.

America’s hearts are likely with Homa, or so I’d like to believe. What a murderer’s row of contenders he’ll have to best to get his paws on that green jacket, though. Bryson vying for a banner LIV major triumph. Scheffler on the prowl for his second Masters win in three years. Collin Morikawa eyeing the third leg of the career Grand Slam. Meteorically rising superstar Ludwig Aberg balling out in his major championship debut. Some writer may or may not have hinted at Aberg being a factor in advance of this weekend.

Hmm. Neither here nor there!

Most importantly, what a tournament. What a leaderboard. What a Masters Sunday we’re in for. GO MAX!

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