“She Cursed Me” – Wynonna Judd’s Daughter Blames Her Misfortune On Grandmother’s Death

Grace Kelley
Elmore County Jail

Wynonna’s daughter is speaking out on her latest arrest, and according to her, she can’t get ahold of her mother.

Grace Kelley, the daughter of country music legend Wynonna Judd and the granddaughter of the late, great Naomi Judd, was arrested last week in Millbrook, Alabama, for indecent exposure, obstruction for resisting arrest, and then more recently, slapped with a prostitution charge as well.

Police say she “exposed her breasts and lower body” at the intersection of I-65 and Highway 14, and when confronted by officers, sat on the side of the road and refused to comply. She was allegedly holding a “ride for a ride” sign, trying to offer sex in exchange for a ride.

Officers initially let her go, but when she was found at a gas station causing a disturbance, they decided to take her in.

Now, in a conversation from jail with the New York Post, Grace has revealed that she hasn’t spoken to her mom in a while, or anyone from her family, and thinks that she blocked her number.

“I think she’s blocked my number. My mom, she thinks I’m on drugs, right? She wants me to go to rehab. But when I came to jail, I took a drug test, and I passed it. I’m not on drugs.

My mom won’t listen to me, she won’t believe me. She thinks I’m out here doing crazy s***.”

I suppose the definition of “crazy s***” is pretty subjective, huh?

I mean, some would argue that having a rap sheet a mile long, in and out of prison over the past 5 years on drug charges, would qualify. One could also argue that being arrested for prostitution, with flashing people with a “ride for a ride” sign could fall under “crazy s***” as well.

But like I said, I suppose that’s pretty subjective…

She also thinks her grandmother’s suicide might be to blame for all of this bad luck:

“I don’t know if when my grandma shot herself she like cursed me.”

I don’t know about that one either…

She went on to deny the allegations to the New York Post, saying that she was clothed when they picked her up and that she was mistreated by police. She says she was tied to a chair for days and not given food or water.

The 27-year-old is the daughter of Wynonna and her first husband, Arch Kelley, and has been in and out of prison on drug-related charges for several years.

She was arrested in 2016 for making, selling, and distributing methamphetamine. She was sentenced to 8 years in prison, however she plead guilty in exchange for a suspended sentence and court mandated rehab. She left treatment early and was then sent to prison in 2018. She was paroled and released in 2019, and then arrested again for violating parole in 2021.

She was arrested once more in May of 2023 for violating the terms of her parole, and subsequently released from Putnam County Jail five months later, in October 2023.

Kelley’s next court date is current scheduled for April 25.

Elmore County Jail

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