“You Look Like Willie Nelson” – Husband & Wife Crack Up As She Tries On Wigs After Cancer Diagnosis

Willie Nelson Wig

Hey, if Willie Nelson can rock the braids, so can this woman.

In times like this, you can’t help but find humor in the darker moments of life. Let’s be honest, a good belly laugh always makes things a little brighter. That is exactly what happened with this couple. A social media user recorded her mother trying on wigs since she started cancer treatment, and while the woman’s husband is trying to be supportive, the interaction leads to a hilarious result.

“My parents have been married 63 years. My mom was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She’s doing chemo and radiation and smiling all she can!”

She captioned the video. On film, you hear the woman behind the camera telling the husband that he needs to hype up his wife as she tries on wigs.

“Nana is trying on her new wig, so be encouraging.” 

His wife walks out in a long dress and a win that has two long braids on each side of her head.

“Oh look at that! I believe I like that… no, you look like Willie Nelson.” 

The whole family is bent over with laughter, cackling as they note the resemblance to the Redheaded Stranger.

“No honey, we’ve got to get a different one.”

The best part of the whole video is after he says, “Oh, look at that!” You can tell he is contemplating if he should go all in and be honest about how he feels or lie to make her feel better. But hey, honesty is the best policy so he went all in.

This video is sure to make you giggle this Friday.

Check out some of the golden commentary while you’re here.

“He made her LAUGH, which is way better than lying.”

“I’ve watched this 10 times and it just gets cuter and funnier every time!”

“I love this. You can tell there’s a lot of love with all the laughter.”

“He was really ready in his heart to try and be encouraging.”

“My jaw dropped when he said she looks like Willie Nelson. The love I want in my old age.”

“Her laugh….him telling her that wig ain’t it was worth her smile.”

Willie Nelson really is “Always On My Mind” for this man now.

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