Locked Up Buck Sheds His Antlers To Free Himself Of Dead Rival

Locked up bucks
Outdoor Life

That is a wild one to see.

Deer are some of the most beloved creatures in North America. They are a symbol of the majestic and innocence of nature to some, but for others, all they can see is backstrap on a dinner plate. And let’s be honest, a little bit of both is just fine.

Either way, it’s hard not to love these tough and resilient creatures. The things we see in nature are amazing, and with deer in particular, they live such fascinating lives. Like the fact that bucks fight or spar on a yearly basis to earn the right to mate other females in the area.

Each year bucks grow and shed antlers, they get bigger with age and health and area symbol of dominance and a tool for that dominance. They use these antlers to mark their territory and fight other bucks.

These fights are typically quick, as one buck proves its stronger and pushes the other off, but sometimes you get that perfect match up where it’s a wild battle. They can even get their antlers locked up, which can be devastating as they are each stuck and mad at one and other. And sometimes, when one is critically injured, or they just can’t shake free, it can mean the death of one or both of the bucks.

That happened to these bucks. They are seen locked up together, one buck clearly got the bad end and is no longer alive. But the other buck is still trapped unable to live or eat with another mature deer attached to his head. If he can’t shake free he’ll either starve or be eaten by predators… those are really the only options.

However, this buck fights and fights until finally he sheds his own antlers to save his life. Talk about good timing…


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