Mother Bear Looks Both Ways Before Leading Her Cubs Across The Street In North Carolina

Bear crosses the road

This bear in Asheville, North Carolina is the textbook definition of a “Mother Bear.”

Moms watching this will probably relate to this mother bear trying to keep her offspring safe. The clan of black bears were moving their way through the woods of North Carolina when they came across a roadway just as a car was also traversing through the area.

Spotting the wild animals from a distance, the car slowed down to allow for the black bear family to pass through. Even with the vehicle at a full stop, the mother bear looked both ways before she was comfortable giving the green light to her babies to come with.

And when I say babies, I mean these black bear cubs are “fresh,” if you smell what I’m stepping in. They look they should barely be able to walk around, yet the little cubs are waddling around and keeping up with their mom rather well.

Speaking of moms, it sounds like the car was full of some current mothers as they cheered on the black bear and her kiddos. The commentary those in the car produced was hilarious, and showed the mother bear that they were “on the same team,” as they put it:

“Oh my gosh. Go ahead honey. We’re on your team. Look at you guys go. Oh my gosh, could they be any more adorable? We love you guys. Good job crossing the street.”

At least the car full of moms didn’t get out to try and pet the mother bear and her cubs. If they would have done that, this video could have had a very different vibe. Instead, they stayed in the safety of their vehicle and cheered on the adorable family of bears as they safely made it across the road way.

Take a look:

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