Matthew McConaughey Says Hollywood Has An “Initiation Process”

Matthew McConaughey
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One of Hollywood’s elite is speaking out about learning the ropes of stardom.

Matthew McConaughey is a household name these days after climbing the ladder over the last thirty years in Hollywood. But, getting to where he is today has not always been a linear progression.

During a recent interview with PEOPLE Magazine, McConaughey noted that Hollywood does have an initiation process of sorts. But before you think this is some sort of fraternity hazing, it’s not along those lines. McConaughey notes that “initiation” is more about learning the ropes and navigating the highs and lows on your own, not having others disclose those struggles to you.

“I, like anyone, have had my ups and downs. My star meter has been higher; my star meter has been lower. I’ve won Oscars. I’ve been arrested playing the bongos naked.

Overall, I believe there’s been inherent goodwill for me, but it did not keep me from figuring out my own initiation into the industry.”

The Austin, Texas resident notes that after he learned about the ups and downs of being in Hollywood, he wondered why no one had given him any tips or tricks, but later learned that these are waters you simply have to learn to navigate on your own.

“There are a lot of things you learn 10 years after being in Hollywood, and you go, ‘Well, why didn’t they tell me that in year two?’ because there’s an initiation process. There just is.

You can get tips, but you’ve got to figure out the BS, cut the wheat from the chaff along the way.”

While he says he had to navigate these waters by himself, McConaughey says that he wouldn’t have given a younger him any tips and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

“Oh, I wouldn’t tell him. I’d let him figure it out the same way I did. Take feeder roads off the highway. Get confused, get frustrated, feel lost, and overcome it.”

McConaughey has climbed the ropes in the limelight over the last 30 years, starring in hit movies and shows, being a loving father and husband, supporting those Texas Longhorns, and most recently, making some country music cameos.

I’d say his initiation panned out, “alright, alright, alright.”

While you’re here, check out one of his most recent projects starring in Zach Bryan’s “Nine Ball” music video.

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