Cody Johnson Reveals That He Has A Tattoo On The Bottom Of His Foot: “It Actually Kinda Tickled”

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Chris Douglas

This one hurts just thinking about it.

I don’t have any tattoos, but I know that people who do are usually obsessed with getting them. And Cody Johnson has plenty of tattoos of his own to show off.

The cowboy recently discussed his tattoos during an appearance on the Country Heat Weekly podcast, where he was asked whether he had more tattoos than his tatted-friend Jelly Roll.

While Cody said he didn’t know the answer to that because he’d never seen Jelly with his shirt off, he began listing his own body art, including a full sleeve on his arm:

“I go all the way up…I’ve got one on my back, a big cross. It’s kinda Irish looking. Typical, it was like my first tattoo. I’ve got two on my chest.”

Then CoJo revealed the unconventional body part that he got tattooed:

“I did the bottom of my foot.”

Excuse me?

The hosts were in just as much shock as I am, with Amber Anderson asking Cody how in the world he managed to do that. And his response is just about what you’d expect:


Makes more sense now.

He then went into the story of how the idea came about:

“My tattoo artist, Buffalo Jake, he was out on the road with me. All my tattoos pretty much have been done on my bus. 

We were talking about like, when I worked for the prison I saw some really crazy tattoos. Body parts that you’re like, ‘How?’ Just how, I don’t even know how.

I was like, ‘What is one thing that you’ve never tattooed?’ 

He’s like, ‘The bottom of a foot.’

I was like, ‘Well tonight after the show, we’re doing it.'”

And while that sounds like a drunken decision that you wake up and regret the next day, Cody actually says he didn’t mind it:

“It actually kinda tickled. That man is the only man who’s ever touched my foot. I don’t let people touch my feet.”

Well all this brings up the obvious question: What’s the tattoo?

And it turns out it’s a tribute to one of Cody’s country music heroes, Waylon Jennings:

“My favorite Waylon Jennings song is “I’ve Always Been Crazy.” And in the second verse it says “I’ve always been different with one foot over the line.”

Well if you were a carpenter you’d say one foot over a line.

And that’s what it is on the bottom. So it’s not really elaborate, but it’s in there. It’s in the arch.”

But he says he also sometimes forgets that it’s even there:

“I’ll be getting out of the shower and I’m drying off and I’m like, ‘Whoa! What is…Oh, yep, I remember that.'”

Good for Cody, but I think if I ever do decide to get a tattoo I’ll probably stay away from the bottom of my foot. Throwback to when @Cody Johnson visited us on our #CountryHeatWeekly podcast and revealed that he has a tattoo in a very, very unique location! If you missed this chat or any of our other episodes, we have PLENTY with your fave artists! You listen wherever you get your podcasts! 🔥 Would you ever get a tattoo where Cody got his?! 😬 #countrymusic #codyjohnson #amazonmusic #nashville #country @Kelly ♬ original sound – Amber | Lifestyle+Etsy+Resale

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