Aaron Rodgers Goes Off On “F*****g Bums” Who’ve Been In Government Forever: “It’s Not Getting Better With Weekend At Bernie’s”

Aaron Rodgers
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By now, I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that New York Jets quarterback isn’t a fan of the career politicians in the United States government.

I mean, he’s not a fan of a lot of things in our current society, and in the past few years, he’s more than made it known on a number of occasions. Whether it’s his thoughts on COVID and Dr. Fauci, his thoughts on diet and health, spirituality and community, his views on Joe Biden and the other politicians in the United States government, or even Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, Aaron has been featured on a number of podcasts in the past year or so, in addition to his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, and has caused quite the stir with his opinions.

Often painted as a far-right conspiracy theorist, I’d venture to guess that most critics have never spent more than 10 minutes listen to Aaron talk, and those 10 minutes were nothing more than clips, carefully selected to breed the most amount of outrage and generate the most amount of clicks. When in fact, Aaron isn’t far-right, he isn’t a Trump supporter, and he was actually even linked to the VP role for independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr., who has since chosen big tech attorney Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

All that being said, Aaron stopped by the I Can Fly Podcast and dug deep on a number of topics from plant medicine, leadership, self-love and his hopes for the future… and honestly, Aaron is a bit of a peace and love hippie (nothing wrong with that), but when you hear him talk about politics and the state of the country right now, there’s not a lot you can argue with. If you actually pull your head out of the sand and take a look around, it’s very clear that our country’s political system is broken, society is incredibly divisive, big corporations seem to have their hands in every single ounce of American policy-making… and at a more practical level, people are broke, unhealthy, stressed out, overworked, angry, and constantly lied to and gaslighted by the American media.

How we can fix it all is up for debate, Aaron obviously thinks Bobby Kennedy Jr. is the answer, but while voicing his support for Bobby, Aaron took a moment to tear into the American political system, calling for an end to career politicians:

“He has no political experience? How’s that worked out? All these effing bums who have been in government forever, who are insider trading like crazy and lining their pockets during their terms and post career, how’s that working out? How’s that working out for the average Joe, middle class or lower-middle class like I grew up, how’s that working out for those people? Not too good. How’s it working? Housing prices. Cost of food. The inflation that’s going on, chronic disease, homelessness, unemployment? How’s it working out? As we give billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight a proxy war. We have a southern border that’s being invaded….

It’s not going to get better with Weekend at Bernie’s who can barely put a sentence together, if that’s even him. It’s not going to get better with Mr. Trump, Mr. President Trump who had four years to do it and kept Anthony Fauci in charge, after his record on AIDS with AZT with all these other ridiculous supposed pandemics that he was in charge of. And the chronic disease level since he’s been in some sort of office in the ’80s has exponentially gotten worse….

We’re not getting better having these people in charge, so why not make a change. So I’m going to support Bobby, but the two party system that we’ve got in place doesn’t work. It hasn’t been working really since JFK was in office. And we need somebody who’s willing to lay it on the line.”

And like I said, we can debate whether or not Bobby is the answer, but it’s hard to argue that everything is just fine the way it is…

Here’s the full conversation:

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