Kameron Marlowe Lays Down Acoustic Version Of Latest Single, “Keepin’ The Lights On”

Kameron Marlowe country music
Kameron Marlowe

Stripping it back.

Kameron Marlowe is stripping back his latest single, “Keepin’ The Lights On,” laying down an incredible performance for a live session. The North Caroline native and former The Voice contestant is teasing his next album and notes that this song is a standout out of the record for him.

The single “Keepin’ The Lights On” details the story of a dad who worked overtime to provide for his family. Marlowe noted that his own childhood, as his father worked so hard to provide for his family, and later on, he would drop out of college to support this family after his mother suffered a disc injury.

“For me, these past two years were full of struggle, lots of highs but a lot of lows too; through all of that, I also found love, happiness, and a better understanding of who I am

Through the loss, you will find love 
Through the struggle you will persevere. Through the sadness you will find light
The days you want to quit, don’t. Never in a million years did I think a small-town boy from Kannapolis, North Carolina, would be singing every night, and people would actually care enough to listen, but they do. 

We all need someone to lean on, and every single day, I thank God for this life because heaven knows it ain’t easy keepin’ them ends tied, but hey, we’re ‘Keepin’ The Lights On.'”

Marlowe noted that the title track of his forthcoming album is one of his favorites, and the sound and messaging really shaped how the rest of the album would sound.

“This song really shaped the album can’t wait for y’all to hear the rest of what’s coming.”

The studio cut of this single already lets the lyrics shine brightly with light instrumental backing, and this acoustic video further drives the message home of being thankful for everything your parents sacrificed for you and how you’d do the same for them. Vocally, Marlowe sounds incredible, delivering the heavy lyrics with ease. His smooth baritone vocals are addicting to listeners’ ears, providing a comforting and “homey” sound.

“Me and my kid brother, man we thought we had it made
Shoes were on our feet
Food was on our plates
We never understood why when Daddy said the prayer
Before he’d say Amen he’d thank the Man upstairs for
Keepin’ the lights on.”

Kameron Marlowe knocked this one out of the park, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of his forthcoming album has in store when it is released in late May.

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