Hailey Whitters And Trisha Yearwood Team Up For “How Far Can It Go?” Performance At The Grand Ole Opry

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A fantastic duo.

Last night, Hailey Whitters and Trisha Yearwood teamed up on the Grand Ole Opry stage to perform their song “How Far Can It Go?”.

Written by Hailey, Nicolle Galyon and Hillary Lindsey, it sounds like it’s straight outta 1995, and honestly, what more could you really ask for? Throw in 90’s queen Trisha for good measure and you have yourself a bona fide hit in my humble opinion.

The song was originally included on Hailey’s Living the Dream deluxe album in 2021, and of course, is very reminiscent (and inspired by) Trisha’s 1991 hit “She’s in Love with the Boy,” which makes me love it all the more.

Seriously, this song is a hit…

You can check out part of their perfomance in Hailey’s carousel post below (scroll to #3 to watch the video):

And while they were unable to record the original track in-studio together, Hailey says shooting the music video with her musical hero a few years ago was a surreal experience, so I can only imagine what it was like to sing with Trisha at the Opry:

“Since I didn’t get to be in the studio with Trisha when this song was recorded, I was so thrilled when we got to get together for the taping of this in-studio video.

She’s a hero of mine and being able to stand across from her in the room and hear her singing on this song was surreal. I’m so glad she was down for putting a visual to this fun song!”

If you’ve never heard the song or seen the video, it’s super cute, very 90’s-inspired, and one you need to have on your playlist ASAP:

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