Internet Sleuths Managed To Track Down A Runaway Husband Who Ghosted His Pregnant Wife…And He’s Allegedly A Private Chef For ‘Yellowstone’ Producer Taylor Sheridan

Charlie Withers
Ashley McGuire via Facebook

I love the internet sometimes.

If you’ve somehow missed it over the past few days, a wild story has been unfolding as internet sleuths came together to track down an alleged runaway husband and father after a desperate plea from his wife.

It all started when Ashley McGuire posted a call for help, claiming that her husband had abandoned her and their children and she wasn’t able to find him to actually get divorced. McGuire asked the internet for help in tracking down her husband, who she identified as Charles Withers, so that she could get his signature on the papers needed to make their split official:

McGuire claimed that her husband, who she said was probably going by “Charlie Withers” now, was a chef and “charming AF,” and that he had probably never even mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts after taking off while she was pregnant and completely ghosting her.

Withers had also reportedly opened a restaurant where he had sold gift cards and booked weddings, before closing up shop and fleeing with no notice to customers or employees.

Well obviously this is the kind of shit that the internet lives for, and within 24 hours people had reportedly found Withers living in Dallas, where he was allegedly on the dating app Bumble.

@nerdypinkpanda Replying to @pecah7 Charlie Withers is in #Dallas / #Fortworth ….he has been spotted on #Bumble by several women!! #update #missing #fyp ♬ original sound – Jay Megan

But it gets even wilder.

Withers is reportedly, in fact, in Texas – and also works as a private chef for Yellowstone producer Taylor Sheridan.

According to videos on TikTok, Withers was spotted serving dinner in a video posted to Instagram by Sheridan’s wife Nicole.

What a wild ride.

Of course it hasn’t been confirmed that the man who’s been found in Dallas is, in fact, the correct British chef named Charlie, despite the fact that he’s…well, a British chef named Charlie who bears a striking resemblance to the missing husband.

But if there’s one thing I know about the internet, it’s that when they put their mind to something, there’s nothing they can’t track down.

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