‘Call Her Daddy’ Clip Of Kristin Cavallari Saying She Would Never Date A 26-Year-Old Didn’t Age Well

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

Aged like milk.

While the actual podcast episode is from 2022, it did not take long for Kristen Cavallari to eat her words from this podcast. And Call Her Daddy host, Alex Cooper, hilariously decided to post this video clip a mere three days after Cavallari hard-launched her 24-year-old boyfriend, Mark Estes.

As a promo for the podcast episode, the first snippet of the clip shows Cavallari yucking the idea of dating a man in their mid-twenties.

“This is a good story, actually. A 26-year-old just asked me out…twenty ***** something. Like you’re hot, but NOOO. I can’t!”

Crickets from the audience…

@callherdaddyLooking for some fun girl chat this Friday? Catch up on the Kristin Cavallari episode wherever you get your podcasts ❤️ Lets head into the weekend with a positive mindset Daddy Gang, don’t text the toxic!♬ original sound – Call Her Daddy

At this point, I am just going to leave this one here.

Not only was Cavallari turning her nose up at the fact she wouldn’t date someone who is two years older than her current boyfriend, but she is now talking about having children with him if he is “really the one.”

Cavallari must have really had a change of heart with this one.

Anyway, at this point you guys know the drill. I RAN to the comments section, and they did not disappoint. Alex Cooper was a dog for this, and fans of the podcast were here for the shade.

“Well, this aged well…”

“Alex Cooper so sneaky with this clip.”

“Lol, no to 26, but yes to 23/24.”


“26? Too old! 24! Yesssssss.”

“They knew what they were doing posting this lol.”

“Miss Cooper, we’ve seen what you’ve done here, and we’re here for it!”

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