Ronnie Dunn Pokes Fun At Morgan Wallen While Reading Post-Eclipse Horoscope: “Blame It On The Moon, Man”

Ronnie Dunn country music
Ronnie Dunn

Ronnie Dunn‘s got jokes.

Following suit of Ernest this morning, Brooks & Dunn member Ronnie Dunn took to Instagram to poke some fun and offer up a more humorous reaction to Morgan Wallen’s Nashville arrest from last night.

For those who have not paid attention to the news cycle… last night, Morgan Wallen threw a chair off the sixth floor of Eric Church’s new bar, Chief’s, in downtown Nashville. Wallen was taken into custody outside the bar and was arrested on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon/reckless endangerment, two counts for the two officers who were in the vicinity, and one for the danger to the public. Wallen was also charged with disorderly conduct.

For someone who could be facing serious jail time (could, but not likely), he looks pretty slap-happy in his mug shot

While some folks like John Rich took to social media after news broke advising Wallen to get his act together, others took a more comedic approach. Wallen’s friend Ernest made a rather hilarious video poking fun at Wallen, asking him to join him at the bars last night and referencing George Strait’s “The Chair.”

Ronnie Dunn has now entered the chat, taking a more astrological approach as to why this event might have happened. In lieu of the solar eclipse, he pulls up Google to give us some answers about what we can expect in our future from today’s moon shift.

Ronnie reads the passage about what folks can feel energy-wise after the eclipse (insert all the tarot card readers).

“Despite its intensity, the energy will bring outcomes far beyond our imagination. The impact will be felt DEEPLY for the next two weeks and will shape our lives for months to come. Trust the process and remain hydrated and grounded. 

It’s going to be a wild and rocky ride…anything could happen.” 

Ahh…this all makes sense for why Wallen felt the need to throw the chair off the roof. Even chairs are flying off of Dunn’s patio after he read how impactful the eclipse will be.

His caption says it best.

“Blame it on the moon, man…”

Well played Ronnie… well played.

Maybe he should blame it on the “Neon Moon”

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