Parker McCollum Scores Fourth Straight #1 Single At Country Radio With “Burn It Down”

Parker McCollum country music
Jim Wright

The fourth in a row.

Parker McCollum just scored his fourth straight #1 hit at country radio with “Burn It Down,” which is currently at the top spot on both the Mediabase chart and Billboard Country Airplay chart, which are the two charts labels use to officially track their songs performance.

It follows Parker’s previous #1 hits including “Pretty Heart,” “To Be Loved By You,” and most recently, “Handle On You” (my personal favorite):

Written by Parker along with Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna and Liz Rose, the song finds him ready to finally cut ties with a former significant other, and wanting to burn everything that reminds you of the good times in the process.

The first two verses of the song sum it up quite nicely:

“Goodbye, strung out on the lawn
The line between us was drawn
All I can see is you’re gone and you left me here
With this house on this ground, burn it down

I’ll leave my memories inside
In that bed, we loved in all night
Every word, every fight
Every feelin’, stone cold, not a sound”

“Burn It Down” was included on the Texas native’s 2023 Never Enough album, and Parker says he has a new album on the way sometime this year, which is reminiscent of his fan-favorite 2015 The Limestone Kid album… he called it “the best” one since then, actually:

“I know for 100% fact that these songs and this record is the best I’ve put together since the kid. Took me a long time to get back to this place as a songwriter. Feels good to be happy about my songs again.”

I hope that’s true, because that was a great record and still some of Parker’s best work.

If you’re partial to lots of pyro and flash, make sure you check out the “Burn It Down” music video while you’re here:

But if you’re more like me and prefer the more stripped-back, acoustic-style kind of performance, definitely watch this live acoustic video:

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