Google Searches For “Why Do My Eyes Hurt” Explode After Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse

You can’t fix stupid…

In case you haven’t heard, there was a solar eclipse today.

Across the country, people stepped outside for a glimpse of the first solar eclipse in North America since 2017, when the moon covered up the sun for up to 4 minutes if you were in the path of totality.

Of course you’re not supposed to look directly at the eclipse, which can cause major eye damage. Most people know that, and know that you’re supposed to wear those funny looking eclipse glasses when you gaze at the sun.

But apparently not everybody got the memo.

Google Trends reveals that Google searches for “why do my eyes hurt” spiked at around the time that the eclipse peaked, nearly quadrupling from the same time last week.

Not sure what was going on around the time of the big spike in searches…any guesses?

Along with trying to figure out why their eyes hurt while staring directly at the sun, it seems like everybody’s making the same Kid Rock joke:

The joke is, of course, a reference to Kid Rock’s 2001 duet with Sheryl Crow, “Picture,” where he claims he “ain’t seen the sunshine in three damn days.”

But pretty much everybody’s making the same joke at this point:

I mean to be fair it’s a great song…but come on, a little creativity anyone?

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