Golf Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Jordan Spieth’s Chaotic Course Management As He Lands His Ball In A Literal Gutter

Jordan Speith

Once the most promising young star of a generation, Jordan Spieth has descended into full basket case mode whenever he’s between the ropes in a professional golf tournament. There’s no telling what this man might do. For somebody with 16 legit victories on his resume and three major championships, Spieth sure does know how to self-sabotage via baffling decisions.

Spieth is compulsively, helplessly aggressive at times. His caddie Michael Greller is a saint for putting up with him all these years. I would’ve fashioned Spieth’s bag of clubs into a pond-bound projectile 300 times over by now.

But thank goodness Greller has such unrelenting optimism, unwavering loyalty, and is unmoved by not having final say over whatever stupid sh*t Spieth is about to attempt. Greller is making plenty of bank at his job. He’s doing fine. I just have to wonder sometimes, if he realizes in the moment how much more money Spieth often costs him with adventures like he had at the Valero Texas Open on Saturday.

To quote a line widely attributed to legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese: This is cinema.

If you somehow doctored the video to blur out Spieth’s silhouette so as to completely obscure it, and gave any given golf fan one guess as to whose ball had wound up in such odd places, Jordan Spieth would be the overwhelming consensus guess as to who raised such mayhem.

The intent here from Spieth was to get a favorable free drop from the top of the clubhouse. To his credit, as you can see in the last highlight, he hit a nifty shot that ran all the way up to the green at TPC San Antonio’s par-5 18th hole. Unfortunately for our guy Jordo, the phenom who once putted his rock better than anyone on the planet three-jacked for a double-bogey seven and a round of even-par 72.

Look at this shot tracker. LOL.

Sitting in a tie for 17th through three rounds isn’t terrible, yet Spieth could be doing so much better. He’s tied for third in the field in birdies. That goes to show how many boneheaded mistakes he continues to make, with this seven on No. 18 being the highlight/lowlight of it all.

Never change, Jordan Spieth. I know I just spent about 360 words being hyper-critical of you, but this is why we love you. PS, y’all, it just so happens that The Masters is next week. That’s a track where Spieth is always dangerous. He’s won a green jacket before. Maybe he’s just getting all the ridiculousness out a week early. We shall see at Augusta National. Until then, enjoy how much everyone was enjoying Spieth’s thriller of a golfing safari.


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